Saturday, November 5, 2016

Insecurity: the Fruit of Low Self-Esteem

When the word relationship comes to your mind, do you often think about your self-esteem, insecurities, your control over jealousy or the lack of it? To maintain a long lasting, fulfilled, and sustaining relationship, requires hard work. But at the inception of any relationship, it all boils down to what it is that you are on the lookout for, or what it is you are prepared to give. 

However, when a relationship becomes chaotic, I promise you, insecurity is frequently the culprit. Nobody can understand your insecurity. As a matter of fact, the human nature is not simple to understand. That is the reason why no meaningful relationship will always get the job done flawlessly all of the time. It is worth noting that insecurity stems from quite a few reasons, the top reason being low self-worth or self-esteem. 

The feelings of insecurity can by no means assist you in your bid to conserve your relationship. Therefore, it is critical, in every circumstance to always concentrate on the decent stuff about you, instead of your shortcomings, and allow the positives outshine the negatives. Because you will notice that insecure individuals start looking for indicators of what is not working, instead of looking the other way. 

Because you think and believe that you are worth everything you would like to have, does not mean that the universe will send you a person who thinks the same way. That heart of yours, there is no telling who it might fall in love with. But for your sake and the sake of your sanity, do not make the mistake of accepting everyone in your life prepared to accept you, even if they are obviously not appropriate for you. 

Insecurity produces jealousy. Jealousy is not easy to defeat, and demands a great quantity of patience to get over. Jealousy has ruined many excellent marriages and leads to a couple to experience agony and anxiety. 
In a typical relationship, jealousy can spring up at any point, but the best way to handle jealousy is to simply acknowledge that you are both attractive, you are both going to meet interesting, good-looking folks, and that the crucial issue is you have chosen to be together. 

In the case where you lose your partner, perhaps as a result of your insecurity or other reasons, jealousy is very easy to creep up on you, even when you are no longer together. There are tested and proven ways to get back your ex-, if you really want to. But if you choose to move on, then it might take a while to get over it, depending on how deep the relationship was. During this season, you must try to do regularly the things that you always love to do. 

Security By Obscurity Doesn't Work
Trying to get security through obscurity does not work. So Stop the obscurity! It only exposes your state of insecurity. Although competitiveness is a part of a healthier emotional makeup, but over-competitiveness is an indication of an issue. Among the best approaches to understand relationship insecurities is to understand the source of the issue. Being insecure is an entire bunch of hard work. Obviously, no relationship is totally trouble free, but a good deal of people have fair idea about what a fantastic relationship actually is. 

The absolute most insecure men and women will always discover a means to lay out awful and random specifics about other folks' lives at your feet when you are not prepared for it. See, the issue in your relationship should not be a spin off of the lives of others who are not a part of it. Over-competitiveness and laying blame on others outside your relationship shows a sense of insecurity. It is just not worth losing a relationship because of your own self-esteem difficulties. 

Another thing that insecurity causes is distrust. In any prosperous relationship, trust is an important quality needed. If you believe self-esteem issues may be negatively affecting your relationship, think about seeking for ideas and help with highly trained and knowledgeable relationship counselors. A proof of your commitment to a relationship is doing whatever it requires. 

Insecure people are not able to withstand change. When the slightest change comes they suspect that the commitment or level of love earlier shown to them by their partners is completely gone. 

Even the worst people among us are loved, yes someone, somewhere really loves them; and we are not able to say there are people who do not deserve to be loved, all of us deserve to be loved. If you adore a man today, then you have to realize that in the future, the individual may not be the exact same, but you have to accept that change. In this manner, somebody's brain also becomes free of previous experiences and becomes prepared to absorb and process the more recent ones. Same goes for the man. Insecure people can still feel insecure even when they are told they are loved. 

Insecurities result into emotional traumas. Addressing an emotional trauma resulting from insecurities is usually more challenging than any physical pain, because it is almost like a self-inflicting wound. 

Once again, if you really want to get your ex- back, there are various tested and proven ways to do so. But whether you want to get them back or not, if insecurity is plaguing your life and relationship, think about seeking for ideas and help with highly trained and knowledgeable relationship counselors.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lizzie Velasquez Answers The Question: What Makes You Beautiful?

I have always been her fan since the day I read about her story of how people had dubbed her the "World Ugliest Woman." Through her confidence, she had proven over and time again that beauty goes beyond the physical, which I shared in a previous post. What people thought was a disadvantage to her she continues to channel into something positive and inspiring.

If you have a problem with your self-esteem, this video is for you.

Some of her powerful words from the video you are about to watch below are the following:

"We're not victims in any sense unless we allow ourselves to be."

"The person that you are, not the person that you look like, is what makes you beautiful.