Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Righteousness of God, you are, but wait a minute! Caleb too was very excited when the preacher said to him, "Caleb, you are the righteousness of God." Instantly, he felt he needed nothing more, he did not waste anytime but went straight out and expended the pleasure of the new revelation. "I'm awesome!" He began to proclaim. "I'm supercool, no freckles dude. I'm the best, I complement God. Feel me bro?" And all sort of exciting words came out of his mouth. However, I ended his jubilation when I told him that what he believed was incomplete. "How so?" He asked.

"If the purpose or function, benefit, and value of something is unknown or not clear, misuse and/or abuse of it is inevitable." That's how I began my response. "Take for example," I continued, "You gave a two-year old a dead cockroach, if you did not tell him that cockroaches are to be smashed, trampled upon, then thrown away, and after telling him that, you did not quickly take it away from him, he will put it in his mouth. For kids, everything goes into the mouth. Likewise," I continued, "If you gave this same kid a loaded gun, as soon as he gets his finger on the trigger, he's undoubtedly going to squeeze it and put it straight in his mouth, or worst, he'll direct it towards you." Then I drew my conclusion by saying, "Three things must be known about something to prevent its misuse or abuse: its function/purpose, value and benefit. And by the way, you never complemented God, He is the one Who complemented you through Christ Jesus."

Careful there, I never said Caleb was wrong for claiming that he was the righteousness of God, I'm only pointing out that his statement was incomplete. If it was complete, he wouldn't take it the way he did. 2 Corinthians 5:21 closes with these words "in him." It states that we are the 'righteousness of God in him (Christ Jesus).' This ought to humble us. We are nothing without, that is outside, of Christ Jesus. But in Him, we are more than something, we are the righteousness of God.

The purpose of us being made righteous is not for us to be supercool, to see something wrong with freckles and feel like we've complemented God. It's for us to be able to represent God fully well to the world without the littlest cloud of condemnation hanging over our heads. That is why it's so important for us to understand that we are surely the righteousness of God. Knowing that we're righteous ONLY in Christ Jesus, is however, paramount, because it'll keep us humble and help us know that all we are and everything we have, we owe it to Jesus Christ, without Whom we are nothing. The only valuable thing about me is Christ in me! Through Him and in Him, I am not only made complete, I become the righteousness of God.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

BE POSITIVE: You Must Speak It Out

"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers."~Ephesians 4:29
I am an avid facebook user. I'm very active on it. Living far away from home and family, and being alone where I am, I try as much as possible to keep in touch and facebook comes very handy. It helps me connect with family, old friends and even new ones. So whenever I'm not using my phone to make calls or texts, I use facebook to catch up with loved ones. This is the beauty of technology, the beauty of computer intelligence. It gives a great feel of outstanding experience!

Being an active facebook user, I have read some amazing posts that have blessed my heart so greatly. I have some friends on this social media whose timelines I visit each day to glean some encouraging words from their posts. If facebook timelines can track the accounts of visitors, some of these people will get lots of hits and majority of them will be from me. I am a sucker for awesome posts!

Verse 29a Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth:- In the above verse, Paul, talking about speech, says that we should be very careful with what comes out of our mouths. Words are potent! If you have nothing good to say, you may say nothing at all. Evil or corrupt communication cripples faith, it breaks hearts and kills hope. It messes up relationships and destroys lives. Therefore, unless your words have the potential to positively influence, please keep them to yourself and do not add to the mishaps bad words have caused to the lives of many. Think before you talk. Speak wisely!

Knowing what to say and the time and place to say it requires discipline. It is not one of the things that come natural to people. It cannot be inherited genetically. It requires hard work, consistency and discipline.

A question to ponder: If a friend talks to you the way you talk to yourself daily, will you still be friends with them?

Verse 29b
But that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers:- Meanwhile, if you have something good to say, you must speak it out! Do not keep it in, do not keep it to yourself, because someone probably needs to hear it. You must speak it out, let it encourage someone, please speak it out, let it revive cripple faiths; you must speak it out, let it restore dead hopes, please speak it out, let it mend broken hearts. You must speak it out, so it can destroy the effect of evil words in the lives of many. Please speak it out and let it minister grace to its hearers.

Instead of speaking evil words and destroying the lives of those around you or even your own life, why not decide today to start speaking positive words. You can never have a good day if you always have a bad attitude every morning. Likewise, your words have a great influence on your life, unless you stop speaking negative things to yourself daily, you can never live a positive life much less have a fulfilled one. Think before you talk, speak wisely.